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Top Five Apps to Facilitate Better Student Learning

In this technological era, it is important to make use of advanced technological apps in order to facilitate better learning among students. The use of smartphone and tablet is quite common among students. As a result, there is huge opportunity available to explore, in encouraging students to make use of app that supports positive learning. The advancement in the field of technology has resulted into development of many such apps that can be useful to develop a specific knowledge area among students. Professors and lecturers in universities can make use of different apps to facilitate better learning among students. Some of the important apps and their benefits are mentioned below:


Memrise:  It is quite common to see a student travelling from one country to another for the purpose of higher studies. In studying in different countries, one major obstacle faced by students is language problem. Although there are different language learning courses operated by different service providers, yet they are accompanied with significant constraints in terms of time and cost. For those students who are interested in learning a new language, Memrise can be of significant benefits to them in learning a new language efficiently. It is considered as good to have a good knowledge of different languages because it adds to the competitiveness of entire portfolio of a student. Memrise is useful in helping a student to learn vocabulary through gamification. After installing this app, the user is required to select a particular language of his/her interest, and this particular app mix use of words and phrases, and aural recognition to allow the students to learn new language positively.


Udacity: With this particular app it can be possible for a student to enhance knowledge with respect to a particular subject area. Udacity offers free online courses, and the main benefit of this particular app is that if offers more than hundred of topics to select from. A student interested to live in a particular topic, can select from the list and get detailed knowledge and understanding about the selected topic. This app is also useful in obtaining a nanodegree, but students are required to pay a small fee in order to get the degree. It is possible to get professional advice by using this app, and the additional degree can further add to the resume of a student, which could benefit in getting a good job.


Brainscape: Some student proposed to learn at faster pace, and for those students, brainscape can be a significant app. The main advantage of this app is that it helps students in learning at twice the speed. The app makes use of flashcards in facilitating learning at double the speed. The app repeats the concept on regular basis, and it leads to better recognition among students about the concept. The app is smart enough two pace important concepts at appropriate interval which leads to better remembrance about the topic. The app is quite useful in determining the appropriate time for giving another quiz, and because of this particular effectiveness of this app, learning is made easier for student.


Photomath: Mathematics can be a tricky subject for some students, and photomath can be a significant tool for them in learning maths conveniently. It is possible for the students to learn algebra by way of making use of this app. The high school students that are not sure about the application of "X" in Algebra homework can make use of this app to learn algebraic equations in a better way. With the application of photomath, it can be possible to explain each and every step to student which confirms appropriate learning. The student is required to take a photo of the problem question, and insert it into this app. The app makes instant solution of the issues presented, and facilitates smooth learning to a student. The main advantage of this app is that it explains the solution through step by step procedure which can aid easy learning opportunity among students. 


Gradeproof: It is important for students to have perfect writing skills by making use of correct vocabulary and grammar throughout sentences. Gradeproof can be a significant app to improve the writing style of a student because a paper can be checked for originality by way of applying this app. It also helps in identifying grammatical issues in a paragraph and provides suggestions for improvement. This app therefore serves as a great editor as it helps in overall improvement of reading skills and ability of the paper. In order to make complete use of this app, it required a small payment of $10 to be made. The benefit of this app can be significant in making a paper perfect by resolving all issues present in it.

These apps can bring significant benefits to student in enhancing their overall learning, knowledge and writing style, and ultimately in achieving academic goals appropriately. The experts at Australian Assignment Help makes use of all these apps in order to provide best quality assistance to students. 


Why some students hesitate in taking online assignment help services?

Students from across the world often seek assignment help services in order to complete their assignments. With increasing number of assignment help company easily available online, it has become a good opportunity for many of the student to ask for such services. It is also recognised by many students as a good way to complete their education requirement and thereby in fulfilling their own personal and professional life goals. However one of the major problems associated with students from considering the online assignment help services is a kind of hesitancy on their part which restricts them from easily accessing the online service provider. Some of the important points to be considered in this respect which restricts them from availing online assignment help services are discussed as follows:


  • Loss of money: This is one of the major fears identified among most of the students that looks for online service provider in completing their assignments. Majority of the students believe that they would be scammed after they pay the money for their assignment. This is a true fear and it is quite obvious because there are many such assignment companies that are also advertising online with the objective of cheating students. As a result, student believe that after paying for the assignment they would get nothing in return, and this would only create problems for them in their academic life. This is the major reason which restricts students from showing a full potential in purchasing online assignment from companies.
  • Fear of being caught: It is not only the money factor but the fear of being caught by the university is another major factor that restricts many of the students from seeking for online assignment help services. With increasing Vigilance from university professors and lecturers, there is often a feeling among students that they will be caught by their lecturer if they experience assignment help from an online provider. As a result of this, many students often believe that they would do their assignments and not to consider online assignment help provider.
  • Being threatened by online service provider: This is also a major problem experienced by many of the students from availing online assignment help services. After getting low marks or a work that is not as per requirement, students open demand for money back from the service provider. But in return, they are doing threatened by the assignment help providers of informing about this service to their University. Getting poor work along with the threats of being complained to University are the major factors that make student think twice before ordering an assignment with an online service provider. There is increasing number of such cases in the recent year and this is therefore a major problem that needs to be resolved by the assignment help providers in order to gain sufficient faith of students.

Because of the above major reasons, student often hesitate in taking assignment help services online. However these issues are not prevalent in case of student life saviour because we take utmost importance of providing quality assignment help Malaysia and help students to lower their overall burden as a student.

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